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Classic Mumm Champagne

This Champagne was a favourite of the courts of Europe from its birth in 1879, and is still the champagne of connoisseurs of extra-dry in the 21st century. For more than 120 years, Mumm Carte Classique has been the epitome of balance: perfect balance between suppleness and acidulous freshness, between lightness and fruitiness, strength and roundness. Carte Classique expresses all the subtleties of the Mumm vineyards. In the past, champagnes had high sugar contents of up to 300 g per bottle, depending on the country to which they were destined. Today, with much lower doses than in the 19th century, Carte Classique is one of the champagnes that comes closest to how champagnes originally tasted. Made to suit the trends of the American and Canadian markets, Mumm Carte Classique perpetuates the tradition of extra-dry champagnes around the world.

Fresh, generous and well- balanced with harmonious nuances, rounded and supple, Mumm Carte Classique is the perfect ambassador of the rich qualities of the House vineyards.

Robe: clear and transparent, a clean yellow colour with golden tints. Light, lively bubbles.

Bouquet: reveals clean aromas in which pear and apple mingle with peach, highlighted by notes of honey and vanilla.

Flavour: stays acidulous and fresh on the palate when tasted. The subtle roundness of the attack leads into the flavours of white fruit and a distinctive finish.

With its carefully-balanced combination of rounded and lively qualities, the Carte Classique blend produces a fresh, delicate cuvée.
The precise sugar content and the consistency of taste are determined exclusively by the cellar master in blind tasting sessions.

The Pinot Meunier (50%) gives all the fruit, acidity and generosity to this subtle blend.
The Pinot Noir (35%) provides the cuvée with structure and power.
The Chardonnay (15%) makes it fresh, elegant and delicate.

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Mumm Champagne